What are we preparing for the autumn

Published: 14 July 2021

Summer is a traditional time for vacations and holidays. This statement is also true for the URAN team. However, we have another tradition – to use the summer lull not only for recreation but also for planning future events. Many of you have already visited our recent webinars and become acquainted with the NREN concept, eduMEET and WebClass services for online learning and communication, as well as with the international R&E infrastructure for authentication and authorization eduGAIN. More events are waiting ahead: several introductory webinars on URAN services for a wide audience of participants, and a series of more “chamber” events for certain categories of professionals.

So, what exactly are we preparing for you for autumn-winter-spring:

– Introductory webinars about the following URAN services:

  • eduroam (international Wi-Fi roaming)
  • eduVPN (a tool for building virtual private networks)
  • clouding (infrastructure cloud service and cloud storage)
  • penetration test (check of local network cybersecurity)
  • FileSender (transfer of large files)

– Interactive online seminars on the services’ implementation and support (for technical specialists)

– Discussion round tables (with a limited number of participants) on the topics:

  • challenges in implementing/using certain services
  • the needs of scientists and educators in digital services, finding ways to meet these needs.

We have many more ideas and will happily expand this list thanks to your tips. We will be grateful if you mark the most interesting topics for you in the questionnaire. It will take two or three minutes of your time and will help us decide on priority events.

Have a nice summer full of wonderful impressions and good health!

Image – Pixabay