URAN Publishing Service - URAN's business unit for supporting digital academic publishing

URAN Publishing Service offers

Full publishing cycle of electronic academic publications

Technology platform ‘Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine’

Representation of Ukrainian publishers' interests in CrossRef

Interaction with Crossref and the DOI Regional Registry

Scientific conferences

Organising and conducting scientific events


Websites creation and maintenance, training

'Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine' platform

National platform for electronic scientific publications. The largest national resource that allows editors to publish materials in accordance with international standards and helps researchers to get easy open access to publications.


All work is carried out remotely with the help of a single database and e-mail. The editorial staff does not even have to get together.


The editorial staff does not need to have specialists for creating the website and maintaining it. These services are provided by Publishing Service, and it also provides the assistance of qualified advisers.

What do users say?

“Article processing has become much more efficient, though now we have 10 times more submissions than before”

Valentyna Lukianenko

Associate Editor of ‘Advanced Education’

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How to get the services?

To do this, contact the “Publishing Service” staff:

  • Denys Solovianenko (director)             +38 044 236-9637;  denys@journals.uran.ua
  • Andrii Kuznetsov (analyst-adviser)      +38 044 236-9637;  support@journals.uran.ua

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