URAN Association

User Association of Ukrainian Research and Academic Network URAN was established in 1997. It is a non-governmental non-profit member organization, the founders of which are higher educational institutions of Ukraine of the IV level of accreditation, institutions of the National Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. URAN Association is open to new members.

The purpose of the URAN Association

– development of the unified national scientific and educational network of Ukraine

– raising the level of education and science through modern digital services

– promoting Ukraine’s full entry into the global information space

– represent the members of the URAN Association in public authorities, in Ukrainian and international organisations.

URAN areas of activity

URAN Association:

– Manages the national backbone network, which connects the internal networks of universities and research institutions with each other and with global scientific and educational networks

– Provides access to reliable high-speed channels of GÉANT, the pan-European network for research and education

– Offers dedicated channels for individual research projects

– Provides related services (including standard Internet services)

– Provides digital services designed specifically for research and education

– Provides technical support  

Find out more information at the main URAN website