eduMEET - open, browser-based video conferencing for research and education community

Who is eduMEET for?

For researchers, academics, students and employees of scientific and educational institutions – as a supporting service in daily work and international research cooperation. 

For creators and developers of integrated solutions – where the video conferencing tool is an important part of the whole platform.

For art society – easy-to-use collaboration platform for remote education and live art performing.

For many other sectors and activities – when there is a need in an easy-to-use tool for online communication.

Why is it good?


runs without the need to install any additional clients or plugins. Only a web-browser, microphone and simple web-camera are needed


has a simple and intuitive interface and basic functionality, so it does not overload the processor of your device (computer, phone, tablet) 


provides secure link of good quality

What do users say?

Play Video

Listen to an excerpt from a conversation with Roman Yatsenko and read the full text of the interview

Roman Yatsenko

The Head of the E-learning tools Department, Simon Kusnets KhNEU

What features does eduMEET have?

Audio and video communication

All you need is a web-camera and a microphone of your device

Screen Demonstration

Explain not only using words - show your own actions on the screen

File sharing

Send your files to other participants


Share instant messages and links

eduMEET software has Ukrainian localisation. 

The staff of the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics has developed the guidance on eduMEET which was kindly offered to all our users (in Ukrainian only). 

How to get eduMEET?

In Ukraine, eduMEET is provided and supported by the URAN Association.  To start using the service just follow the link or press the button. 

The next step is to create a new virtual room (name it) or join an existing one – and start communicating.

Further information

If you have trouble using the eduMEET platform, please contact our technical staff. They will help you to set up the service and advise on all matters. 

Contact us:

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Images: URAN Association