The URAN Association is a member of the GÉANT Association, which unites the NRENs of Europe into a pan-European network for research and education.

The GÉANT Association has 40 members representing 40 European countries. This is much more than the 27 EU Member States. All 6 countries of the Eastern Partnership, including Ukraine, are members of GÉANT and have the right to vote in the Association.

Together, these 40 members form a club of specialists in research and educational networks. These specialists work at NRENs, which serves about 50 million academic users in 10,000 academic institutions.

GÉANT is a trusted partner of the European Commission and plays a leading role in many European initiatives. One of them is the EU-funded EaPConnect project as part of the EU4Digital initiative. GÉANT is the coordinator of the project, which focuses on the development and integration of 6 Eastern Partnership countries and their research and education communities into the European Research Area (ERA).

URAN is the only representative of the GÉANT Association in Ukraine