WebClass - platform for video conferencing, online seminars, lectures, workshops, webinars, discussions, etc.

Service features

  • designed for a large number of users;
  • public and private chat and file sharing;
  • automatic reconnection in case of communication interruptions;
  • demonstration of the speaker’s desktop to the listeners;
  • download and display presentations in standard formats;
  • whiteboard with pointer;
  • functions of raising a hand and expressing emotions with smiley-face emoji;
  • voting;
  • recording  of the lecture (conference, presentations) with the possibility of playback.

How it works?

The WebClass service is based on the BigBlueButton platform – easy-to-use open source software. Participants have different opportunities – depending on their role in the conference.

Listeners can

  • participate in discussions (using your device’s microphone and/or webcam);
  • write messages in chat, use smileys;
  • vote/take part in polls;
  • write in shared notes and download them to your device;
  • accept invitations to meeting rooms.

Speakers can

  • download and manage slides;
  • make notes;
  • show videos;
  • organise surveys and publish results.

Moderators can

  • control listeners’ microphones (mute/unmute);
  • block listeners’ actions (for example, ban them from creating private chats);
  • give anyone (including themselves) the role of a speaker;
  • create meeting rooms;
  • write subtitles;
  • start/stop recording;
  • end the conference.

The staff of the Institute of Magnetism NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine has developed the guidance on WebClass which was kindly offered to all our users (in Ukrainian only). 

How to get WebClass?

In Ukraine, WebClass is provided and supported by the URAN Association.

You can access it as follows:

  • If you are a participant of the conference please use the link sent to you by the conference organiser
  • If you are an organiser of the conference please use your  eduGAIN account or your personal WebClass account

If you do not have an eduGAIN account or a personal WebClass account, or have difficulty using the service, please contact our staff.

What does WebClass coast?

The service is provided for web conferences’ organisers by contract. Prices depend on the number of simultaneous conferences and the maximum number of participants.

Further information

If you have trouble using the WebClass platform, please contact our technical specialists. They will help to set up the service and advise on all matters. 

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