Reserve communication node for Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

URAN Association does everything possible to increase its services’ reliability.

We are happy to announce that a new connection has been implemented for Zaporizhzhia State Medical University between the intercity node in the city of Zaporizhzhia (Datagroup) and the university. The university has a new router which is also connected by another backup channel to the city node of the URAN network located in Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University. The redundancy is automatic using the OSPF routing protocol at the IP layer of the network.

Now, damage to one of the three connections will not disrupt the provision of services, and the lack of power supply to one of the city nodes will not lead to the disconnection of the entire network. A similar connection to the new backup node is also planned for Zaporizhzhia National University.

Image – Pixabay