Help for Kharkiv Humanitarian University 'People's Ukrainian Academy'

Published: 27 July 2022

This is what one of the buildings of the People’s Ukrainian Academy in Kharkiv looks like now

Kharkiv University of Humanities ‘People’s Ukrainian Academy’ is a user of URAN. In April 2022, a Russian missile hit the second educational building of the academy. The consequences are severe. The roof is ruined; auditoriums and other premises, electricity supply and heating systems, computer network, library and publishing department are damaged. The cost of the lost equipment alone – computers, printers, publishing risograph, etc. – is about UAH 438,000.

We want to help People’s Ukrainian Academy (PUA) and that is why we are announcing a charity fundraiser. Please join! Any donation you make, no matter how small, is important. The URAN team has already made its donation.

PUA needs:

* funds for reconstruction

* equipment: 10 laptops, 2 printers.

Details for financial help (euro)

Recipient: URAN Foundation

State registry code 35670858


Purpose of payment: Charitable assistance / Charitable donation

If you are ready to transfer laptop(s) or/and printer(s) to the PUA, write us at – and we will arrange the transfer.

Play Video

Video about the consequences of a rocket hitting the second educational building of PUA

UPD 31.12 2022 – fundraising completed, 12000 UAH listed