Free videoconferencing service for studying and work

Today the whole world is changing the usual way of learning and working for “life on the net” in a common desire to stop the spread of the disease. We understand the importance of establishing full-fledged training, work and communication in these difficult circumstances. Therefore, we suggest using our video conferencing service for free. With it, you can conduct online lectures and seminars (both open and closed), conferences and meetings, record events and view/share records between students and staff.

Link to the service –

You can access it as follows:

  • Using your eduGAIN account
  • from the IP address obtained from the URAN Association

If you do not have an eduGAIN account or an IP address or have difficulty using the service, please contact our technicians. They will help to set up the service and advise on all matters.

Contact Us:

+3 8 044 204-9816

Take care of yourself and work online!