We are happy to announce the great news: on the first day of the coming year, 2020, a book will be published, written by the Head of the URAN Association board, Prof. Yuriy Yakymenko, Academician of NAS of Ukraine. It is co-authored with Professor Yuriy Poplavko and is dedicated to functional dielectrics in electronics.

«Functional Dielectrics for Electronics: Fundamentals of Conversion Properties» explains the electrical polarization, dielectric nonlinearity, electrical charge transfer mechanisms, thermal properties, the nature of high permittivity, low-loss thermostability and other functional dielectrics, intrinsic mechanisms of electrical polarization.

The book is written in English and will be useful for materials scientists and engineers working in academia or in R&D in electronics. The book is already available for pre-order at Elsevier.

The URAN team congratulates Professor Yuriy Yakymenko and his co-author on this achievement. We are proud to work under the leadership of such a distinguished scientist.